Sept. 12th, 1944
Fouron le Comte; (hamlet Vitchen), Belgium
( Coordinates: 618420)
Co. C, 119th
(Bill Mester/Carruso)
1st Platoon, Co. C, 743 TB
(1st Lt. Harry F. Hansen DSC SS BS C d'G)

C Company, 119th moving up road to Mheer, Holland just after engagement.

From "Move Out, Verify" official 743rd TB history

William Mester (center) back in Fouron-le-Comte several years ago.  A member of 1st Platoon, Co. Company,
119th, Bill and a Carruso were both wounded by the German 20mm machine gun.  Both were transferred to
a first aid station in Dalhem, Belgium.  It was the 1st Platoon of Co. C, 743rd tanks commanded by Harry Hansen
that silenced the German 20mm.  Two Belgian citizens were killed during the fighting, their funeral possession
in the photo below.

The 2 Belgian civilians were killed while greeting the US soldiers .  They were in the window in the house below and GIs thought them to be Germans.

The view (above) Bill Mester must have had when he saw the German firing on him and Carruso.
Photo by Vincent Heggen, Fouron-le-Comte.

Ditch where Bill Mester took refuge when wounded and used to crawl back to friendly lines.

Trace of bullets  during the fight with the German soldiers.  Post is on the left side of the road.

The exact place where the 20 mm  machine gun was set up.  The trail was put where the green gate is located.
Photo by Vincent Heggen

Pasture outside of Fouron le Comte that was a landing strip for Recon Piper Cubs as shown in photos below:

L4 Piper Cub

Pilot of Stinson L5 Piper Cub with the Heggen family of Fouron le Comte

Cafetaria  Heyendal blue sign reads: Vitchen