120th Infantry Regiment history.

120th Co. B....Battle for Tessy sur Vire.....after battle report.


117th Infantry Regiment history.

743rd Tank Battalion history.

Aug. 2nd, 1944....American troops and armor of the 30th ID and 2nd AD occupy the French town of Tessy Sur Vire but still remain on the alert for enemy activity.  The intersection of the D28(left) and D13(right) roads. Apart from the fact the Richard sign is gone, not much has changed.

On the D13 road, a destroyed German Flak panzer. Today

A destroyed German halftrack with a Pak 40 anti tank gun in tow can be seen. The photo was taken in an alley just east of the D13-D28 intersection. Today: Building left new, stone wall gone.

A jeep going west on the D13 road. Ruined buildings to the right and the old town hall on the place du Marche in the background. The same spot today.  New town hall building to the right. The old one which is now empty can still be seen in the background. The small building next to it is now gone and replaced by the pink building which is the "salle des fêtes" (ball room).

Pvt. 'Nick' F. Larweth, DeLand, FL washes his feet for the first time in 21 days.  Pfc. Gene Kennemer, Rockport, TX enjoys a cigarette.   Tessy-Sur-Vire....Aug. 2nd, 1944.

Monument to the American Liberators in Tessy. This one is in front of the new town hall.

  The second monument behind the church in Tessy-sur-Vire.