Photos and descriptions of the December 17th, 2005 ceremony in the town of Targnon, Belgium honoring the 119th Infantry Regiment for stopping Peiper's tanks.  The help of the administration of the village of Stoumont a plaque was placed on the chapel of Targnon.  Special thanks to Jean-Paul Dujardin for making these photos available.  The 30th family truly appreciates all your gracious efforts to remember the brave men that fought and died there.


Monument on Remouchamp Rd., the Gleize NR: 633, before the Targnon RR Station.

It was around this turn on NR633 that armor of Peiper's group was stopped by tanks and guns of the 30th Division

The new plaque was placed on the side of the chapel on the left.

Side of chapel with plaque still covered.

Various historical associations provided realism to the ceremony.

Typical of a house in the Ambleve River valley.  With so much artillery and tank action these solid stone homes could be occupied by German and American soldiers on the same day.

Different historical associations attended from Belgium, France, and Holland. In the first photo middle is Monique Beauvois and right the Stoumont mayor, Mr. Dupont.

During the unveiling the mayor of Stoumont thanks the young American soldiers that came so far to liberate and free the families in and around Stoumont.


Photos of ceremony and the plaque on chapel and close-up.

Translation of plaque: In homage to the bravery of the men of the 30th Infantry Division who freed this village on 12/20/44.  The grateful population of Targnon.

Photo of the people who made this day happen on Dec. 17th, 2005.  Also on this day flowers were placed on 14 different monuments in the commune of Stoumont.  This was done under the direction of Mr. Dupont, Monique, Jacques, Jean-Paul and the police force.  Over 100 people in 60 vehicles, 35 of 1940 vintage, were present at each monument.  Six monuments were honoring the 30th ID, at Neufmoulin, Targnon, St. Edward, Borgoumont, the Rose tree and Mill of Ruy.  At Cheneux a monument to the 504th PIR.  It must be said by all present that although much is said of the 101st Airborne, Germany lost the Ardennes on the Northern face and center beaten by the 30th and 82nd Airborne.

The village of La Gleize and the pastures where Peiper gave up his tanks and other vehicles.

La Gleize in the December snow of Belgium.

Tiger Royal in front of the December 44 museum in La Gleize.