Aug. 7th, 1944
St. Barthelemy
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AAR Report

AAR Report

117th 1st Battalion history book "Curlew" By William Lyman

117th Official history book

117th Unit Journal

From Bob Peters....117th:

Thanks for thinking of me. I read through the journal and spotted a few vaguely familiar items. Actually, I don't remember much at all about the details of this battle  - where my guns were and what I was doing day by day or hour by hour.
I do remember leaving the jeep for an "on foot" recon and getting trapped in the middle of a "fluid" situation. I was sneaking along one side of a hedgerow while the gun barrel of a German tank parked on the other side was above me to the point I could have reached up and touched it. Somehow I was able to work my way back to elements of my own unit.
And - yes - I was scared!
My only other memory is that of the life saving efforts of the RAF's rocket firing Typhoons who came in at <50 ft(?) right over my head and directly into the machine gun fire of the oncoming line of tanks - but didn't release their rockets till they were so close a hit was guaranteed. Then full throttle straight up in time (hopefully) to avoid the blast when the rocket hit and the tank exploded. I can never say enough about the guts of these RAF fighters. It's also my opinion - though I think I'm in the minority - that it really was the RAF that saved the day at Mortain. I was there. I saw the long line of tanks approaching with no apparent resistance. There was nothing else to stop them at that point.
Now I have to take a "pill" to calm myself down! But that's OK. I'm among the many who appreciate all you have done and are doing to chronicle the times of our country and our lives.