The following photos are taken from the above publication: "D-Day in South Limburg" It was the work of De Limburger daily.   The vintage  map of Maastricht comes from my collection.  The book details the advance of the 30th Infantry Division and the 2nd Armored Division through the Netherlands.  I have tried to pinpoint the locations of the photos on the map.  If anyone has corrections to my placements, Please email.

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1. Bailey -bridge across the demolished St. Servaas Bridge.  This is taken between the 3 and 7 photo yellow lines.  The church in Wijck is St. Martinus and the building directly to the right is the beer brewery, 'Ridder Bier'.  Thanks to Maurice Coenen of Maastricht.

2. American patrol reaches the St. Servaas Bridge at the Coerverpleintje  in Wyck.  This photo is taken on the Wijck side of the Maas River.

3. American officers on the Bailey-bridge over the St. Servaas Bridge. 

4. At the crossing-point, near the Blekerij at Maastricht, the construction of a pontoon bridge was immediately started.  In the background the wall of the Ceramique in Wyck.

6. Across St. Pieter's Square alongside the Liege-Maastricht canal infantry moves on to Market Square in Maastricht.

7. The first jeeps arrive at Het Bat, the quai along the canal in Maastricht, that was filled in later on.

30th men herd German POW's in the Market Place of Maastricht while citizens look on.

Johan Edelhausen of Maastricht as a boy on Sept. 14th, 1944 on halftrack at blown bridge across the Meuse.

Johan's sister a few days later with a Sherman tank crew on the road from the Belgian border village of Kanne leading into Maastricht.



600 soldiers of the 117th, 2nd Battalion assemble in the Maastricht town square for the liberation ceremony on March 11th, 1945.  After the ceremony they were presented with souvenirs (could anyone let me know what the souvenirs were????) followed by a movie, concert and dance.

National Archives film footage of the March 11th, 1944 above ceremony.

30th Infantry Division's plaque in the Vritof, city square, of Maastricht.  Special thanks to Trish R. for providing this great photo!!


Monument to Co. E, 117th for the liberation of Heer, Holland.  See story and map below: