Here's a photo of Daniel H. Tremper's grave (Co. F, 117th, 30th ID) at Normandy
Platoon Sgt Daniel H. Tremper was a family member, a cousin of my father's father - I'm 40. He died in combat next to PFC Ysidor M. Sanchez (picture below).  It's a long story but I had the honor of meeting Mr. Sanchez in San Jose, CA two years ago at a WWII function for the San Jose area Mexican Americans who so proudly and bravely served their country.  Ysidor was F Company's sharpshooter.  The M1 Garand was his rifle.  He's now an Honor Guardsman doing burial ceremonies (gun salutes) every week for WWII vets that are dying at an alarming rate.
S Sgt Daniel H. Tremper was killed in hedgerow fighting, shot through the neck by a German soldier as he was looking left behind a hedgerow and Ysidor was to Daniel's right looking right.  They both heard two shots from the left and when Ysdor looked that way, the second shot found Daniel (through the neck) and Ysidor returned fire toward the flash.  Ysidor killed the German soldier by firing low through the hedgerow - a tactic he learned in combat.  He later found the soldier shot through the helmet, above and between the eyes.  He didn't know the markings on the German's uniform... 
Ysidor has been trying to locate any family members - particularly sons or daughters or any immediate family members so he could tell them what a profound impact Daniel had on him both as a soldier and as a person.  It took Ysidor (quite the decorated soldier) three trips back to Normandy to finally locate Sgt. Tremper's resting place at Cemetery Normandy but he found it.
The first Tremper family member Ysidor was able to contact was my father, Howard, and I had the wonderful opportunity to meet Mr. Sanchez and his wife thanks to a business trip in San Jose.   I'll never forget it and have some great photos for the memory.
So now, anywhere I post messages related to WWII, I leave Daniel's grave information in the hopes that someone may recognize or know of his immediate family members.  That way Ysidor can have that long sought after meeting with them to tell them the impact his sergeant made upon him.
This past June, Ysidor was one of the 100 soldiers that received the Medal Of Freedom in France during the 60th Anniversary ceremonies.  I'm proud of him.  He accepted on behalf of his Platoon Sergeant, Daniel H. Tremper.
Ysidor M. Sanchez  PFC, 30 ID, 117th IR, Co F

New information added 10/16/06:  What a tremendous ending to this story!!!!

Here are a few of photos of and related to Ysidor M. Sanchez...  I don't
recall if I had sent them to you or not.

PFC Ysidor M. Sanchez
Company Sharpshooter
Co F
117th IR
30th ID

SSgt Daniel H. Tremper was KIA on 7 JUL 1944 and he was Ysidor's close
friend and platoon sergeant at the time.  One of the photos is of Ysidor's
medals and ribbons when I visited his home back in 2003.  He was one of 100
veterans invited to France to receive the French Legion of Honor in 2004.
The last photo is of Ysidor at Daniel's gravesite in Normandy.  I borrowed
that from Mr Rene Bonatti's tribute to the 30th ID. 
"My wife and I stayed in France over a month after the ceremony, with a
beautiful French family we had met in 1999, Mr. and Mrs. René Bonatti from
Illiers-l'Evêque. They are our French family, plus all our friends from the

Just in the past couple of weeks, the daughter of  Sgt Tremper's wife (she
remarried after his death and The War) sent Ysidor Daniel's Purple Heart.
He was really touched by that.  Initially she wanted to give it to me but I
thought that the best person to honor it at this time would be Ysidor.  It's
a long story, but I finally got Ysidor in touch with the folks that were
closest to Daniel.  Finally we have some "closure" on the long search that
Ysidor was on in trying to locate immediate family members of SSgt Daniel H.

 Thanks for running a great tribute web site!

Best Regards,

David H. Tremper,

New York

Ysidor's Medals   (click on photo to enlarge)

Ysidor at SSgt. Daniel Tremper's gravesite.  (click on photo to enlarge)

This story does not end:   11/4/2007

I just wanted to pass along an update to the SSGT Daniel Tremper (117th, F Co) story...  it seems I have been contacted by the closest family member to Daniel Tremper; in fact his sister is still alive and well.  Amazing!  I just wanted to thank you for passing along the information to Mark Adams who is the nephew of Daniel Tremper.  He has Daniel's 15" bayonet, knife and his foot locker.  We've been having regular correspondance.  The saga continues.
Best Regards,
Dave Tremper
Nanuet, NY
I'm so glad I was able to locate you.  I didn't include much in my original email as I didn't know if was going to get through.  Also, I apologize for sending this to your work email, but it was the only address Warren Watson had for you.  This is being sent from my work email as well.  Both this and my home email can be used to contact me.  The advantage to the work email is that I view it constantly, Monday through Friday.  The home email is a little more hit and miss.
As I mentioned, my Mom was Henrietta Tremper Adams.  Dan still has 1 living sister, Catherine, in Wayne, NJ.  He had an older brother, Ira, who was killed by a truck when he was 5 years old.  Dan's parents were Ira C. Tremper and Isabelle Hempstead.
I know my gradfather was from Nyack and came to Paterson, NJ for work.  He, apparently, didn't keep in very close contact with his family.  I only know that he had a brother, Ed, who he'd lost touch with many years ago.  We had an extended visit from "Aunt Ethel", who I believe was Ed's wife or ex-wife (this was when I was about 10 years old so it's a little foggy).  Ira didn't even know his nationality and believed himself to be Dutch.  Several years ago, I worked with someone with the last name of Tremper and she was from the Tremper Mountain area.  She said that Tremper was an Irish name.  Hopefully you knmow some of the genealogy.
Dan's family originally lived in Paterson but had a new house built in Prospect Park, NJ in 1927 (for a whole $2,500!).  The house stayed in family until my Mom sold it in the early 1990's.  My parents got married during the war and, afterward, the house in Prospect Park was converted to a 2 family.  I was born there and lived there until I got married.  So basically, I grew up with Dan's parents.  There was always a picture of him in his army uniform prominently displayed in their living room, but seldom was he spoke of.  Having lost both of her sons was very difficuly for my grandmother.  Mom rarely ever spoke of him, except in references from her childhood. My aunt still will not speak of him or even the war years in general.
I have Dan's trunk from the Army in my garage, having moved it from Prospect Park when my Mom sold the house.  I also have his knife and bayonette.  As curious as I was about him, the "taboo" kept me from any real research into his life.  Since Mom passed, I brought her filing cabinet to my house.  In searching for papers for her estate, I stumbled on correspondence from the Army to my granparents after Dan was killed.  Since then, I have been doing research on the Internet and stumbled across your wonderful page last week.  Seeing that was gratifying but also made me ashamed that I hadn't done more myself.  I shared this with one of Catherine's daughters who had the exact same reaction.  Catherine's youngest child is named Daniel, in honor of her brother.
What a wonderful thing for Mr. Sanchez to feel so close to Uncle Dan after all of these years!  Are you still in contact with him?
Let me say how grateful I am to have finally contacted someone in the Tremper family!  This is something I had hoped to do for many years but had no idea how.  It is somewhat ironic that rthis is how it happened.  If, OK with, I would like to stay in touch.
Thank you so much for the wonderful tribute to Uncle Dan.
my information:
Mark R. Adams

Hi Warren,
I'm checking with Mark Adams but I believe it would be just fine with him...
I spoke with Ysidor Sanchez tonight and he told me about "The War:  Soldados" which was shown in the Bay Area...  there is a 27 minute segment with Ysidor and other Latino veterans in it and he talks about SSGT Daniel Tremper and even shows a picture of him near the end.  Very moving piece.  Here is the link... again, look for the streaming segment called Soldados.
Best Regards,