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Click to enlarge....would appreciate your posting this photo on your website.  My Dad, Leon Waguespack (30th ID, 120th IR, 3rd Battalion, Company M), is on the right of the picture (with binoculars).  Would appreciate any information on the identities of the other two individuals and where this photo may have been taken.  Thanks!

-Mike Waguespack-


 Photos from the May 2007 dedication of the monument honoring the Liberators of Fouron-le-Comte, Belgium..the 30th Infantry Division.  Initiated by Vincent Heggen of Fouron-le-Comte and who also has created a museum dedicated to the 30th and other liberators of Belgium.  Photos of museum also included.  Frank Towers of the 30th Infantry Division Veterans of WWII was in attendance. 

Mr. Heggen in grey shirt....Mr. Towers in blue jacket and cap.

Mr. Towers and Mr. Heggen at Eben Emael.


1st Platoon, Company G, 119th Infantry Regiment....Jan. 5th, 1945...in the Bulge  Special thanks to John Nolan of Co. G for photos and names!!!

Click to enlarge for names


Looking for any information on Pfc. Bernard Bossert of the 197th FA, KIA on Apr. 2nd, 1945.  His grave has been adopted by Lucien Gerardu of Arensgenhout, The Netherlands.  Lucien's family has honored the grave site and memory of Pfc. Bossert for 3 generations and is making sure that continues on for generations to come.  It started with his grandmother who died 35 years ago.  As you can see by the photos below, the legacy is in good hands.  Contact has been make with Mr. Bossert's son, Bernard Jr. and a photo of Pfc. Bossert should be forthcoming.  The American 30th family truly appreciates the adoption of 30th veteran graves.  It means so very much!!! 


Capt. Oliver W. Franklin, 119th, of Wanesville, NC takes a bath near Hebecrevon, France on July 23th, 1944.  Looking on is Cpl. Albert Thompson of East Pittsburg. 

K-Rations      German Sturmtiger being inspected by 9th Army men, April 24th, 1945.

Inside of church, I believe, near Mortain.  Aug. 15th, 1944.  Help Identifying??


The following are photos of Staff Sgt. Selden R. Bear, Carlisle, PA of Co. C, 117th.   They are provided by Emily Ligon of Missoula, MT, his great-niece:

The following photos appear to be taken at Camp Croft, So. Car.:

The following overseas:

Bear front left F/L Belgium?


PHOTOS of the ordeal of the CROSSING OF THE ROER RIVER!!!!



  Maps showing locations of above photos.  The 30th fought through and near these French towns.