In Honor
PFC Stanley D. Woodard
119th Co. E
WIA Oct. 6th, 1944
Died Oct. 7th, 1944


After Action Report and 119th History of the 119th's 2nd Battalion attack in early October, '44.  Adobe PDF file.


Looking east from Rimburg...pillboxes in background

This map has pillboxes labeled with letter codes!!!

Generalleutnant Siegfried Macholz

Report 49. Infanterie Division by Generalleutnant Siegfried Macholz - 
Westwall, Sep. 2. - Oct. 10, 1944

German After Action Report on this action....many thanks to Willi Weiss.


The first I like to start with  is a correction of the  text for a photo showing a treadway over the Wurm river.
When you start your startside, then clicking on the report : Oct, 2nd through Oct, 6th ... Ubach, Germany ... you find that photo by scrolling down.
The text is: at this point the 30th crossed the River Wurm at Rimburg - Herbach.
That is  n o t  correct.
This treadway was not constructed at Rimburg. Herbach is located to the south to Übach.
That is another area! 
In the background of the photo youŽll find  the Kaiser-Karl Chapel ( which is wrongly identified as the Rimburg castle). This chapel is still in use and located nearly opposite and a bit south  to the former railroad crossing Marienberg / Palenberg - Hotel Ernst some 50 Metres distance.
The railroad crossing is also shown by another photo when a tank crosses the track.
The actual photo is taken from the Dutch side to Germany/Palenberg. The buildings in the far background are mine houses for mine workers at  Palenberg. In the mid of the house line  there was the hidden pillbox camouflaged as a brick garage (there is also another photo showing the pillbox with a GI in the foreground). This ruins of the pillbox have been completely destroyed in the 1990Žs and digged under for security reasons.
The treadway as shown on the photo was constructed some 50-100 Metres to the right side of the regular bridge over the Wurm ( when looking from  Marienberg to Palenberg).
The forest, in fact  trees in meadows,  in the background is definitely not the Dutch side but Palenberg!
When you take a look to 119thColmap3-edited-1.jpg youŽll find the treadway following
the coordinate 85 at top, then youŽll go down and find the symbol for a church or chapel ( this is Kaiser -Karl chapel) then going left youŽll find a symbol like a star.  At this point circa was the treadway.
If there are any questions please feel free to ask. 
Yor sincerely
Heinz-Gerd Jansen


Link to Western Front '45...tremendous reports and photos!!