Operation Cobra
"The St. Lo Breakthrough"

July 24th -Aug. 2nd


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120th Breakthrough....July 25th

Interview of Lt. Ray Holmquist..120th Inf. Reg. 2nd Bn. Assist. S-1

Corporal John M. Nolan letter to his Uncle....July 25th, France....St. Lo bombings.

After Battle Report HQs 30th Inf. Div. G-3 Section..... July 1st to July 31st, 1944.

30th A.P. news release....July 22nd, 1944

Breaking enemy resistance...NW of Hebecrevon.

Attack So. of St. Lo....July 26th.

Liberation of Tessy Sur Vire.

Casualty list for July 25th friendly bombing...a couple of ? marks.

Breakthrough at Hebecrevon...119th Inf. Reg.

July 25th....119th 1st Battalion After Action Report...with map.   PDF file.

July 25th....119th Co. A....After Action Report.  PDF file.

July 25/26th....119th 3rd Battalion....with map.  PDF file.

July 25th....743rd Tank Battalion....various AARs and maps.  PDF file.

July 26th....117th Infantry Regiment.   PDF file.

July 31st...120th Infantry Regiment...Co. B.  PDF file.

July 119th 1st Battalion Journal.   PDF file.

I happened upon this US Signal Corp photo recently.  The official Signal Corp stamp states the photo was taken July 25th, 1944 near St. Giles, France.  An expert on Signal Corp photos told me that many of the 1:25,000 maps used in the war did not name many of the small French villages.  It was common to use a larger village name to place a photo rather than the actual location.  There is actually two St. Giles close to where I believe this photo was taken.  A St. Giles about 2 miles NE and the famous St. Giles about 4 miles South, south of the St. Lo/Periers Road....the objective of the 119th IR and the 2nd AD on July 26th.   Back to the photo...I believe this be the scene of the friendly bombing of Tech 4th Grade Patsy Barbato, Regimental Journal Clerk of the 119th. After Action Reports for the 119th written on Aug. 4th, 44 state that the 119th Regimental C.P. was near the church at le Mesnil Durand.  It also states that on July 25th, Technician Fourth Grade Barbato, the regimental journal clerk, was hit by a heavy bomb, and the regimental journal and all maps and overlays in his possession for July 24th and 25th were destroyed.  The history to July 24th had already been written, hence is fairly accurate, but the history for the 24th, 25th, and 26th is written largely from memory after a busy week.  In Workhorse of the Western Front on page 36 it states 40 of the 133 119th's casualties were sustained near the regimental command group, on the road near le-Mesnil-Durand.  In the 119th's official history book on page 22 it states the Regimental CP was at le Mesnil Durand and on page 24 states on that morning (25th) Tech 4th Grade Barbato, the Regimental journal clerk, was hit directly by a heavy bomb.  On page 23 of the history it states: Then the bombers, B-17s and B-24s appeared and still heavier flak came up at them.  The bombers came, moving south, and with great precision and effectiveness bombed the Regiment around le Mesnil Durand and passed on.  Approximately a squadron released their load of medium and heavy bombers.  Close inspection of the photo shows maps, map cases, jeep trailer, etc.  The stamp identifies the photographer as Lovell of the 165th Signal Company.  This same photo can be found in the Center for Military History book, "Breakout and Pursuit".  Note also the camouflage net would probably be found at a small command post.