George E. Neidhardt
120th Infantry Regiment
Company F
Silver Star for action at Mortain
plus 2 Bronze Stars and 2 Purple Hearts

Photo of George in Dec. 1944 receiving a Christmas 'Care Package' from home.

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Below are four video clips of an interview conducted in the mid-1990's with Mr. Neidhardt, Richard Brodbeck and Mel Pins.  There is no greater thrill than hearing 30th stories told by those that lived them!!  Thanks to Richard and Mel for their efforts and providing me with the tape to share with you.


Neidhardt Mortain, Aug. 7th.....Goes looking for breakfast.  Click on the red link, left, to listen to Mr. Neidhardt tell the story of when he went to feed the 3rd Squad's chow on the early morning of Aug. 7th, 1944.  This file is created with Windows Media and uses the Windows Media player.  Please note that it mistakenly plays the story twice.  Mr. Neidhardt's experience is also told in Alwyn Featherston's book, Saving the Breakout, on pages 83-84.

Yellow arrow points to where I believe Mr. Neidhardt and the 3rd Squad were located.

Possible correction to above map...This I believe is much more likely!..Thanks to Ian Wood.

Three maps with 3rd Platoon roadblocks highlighted.

Present day photo of roadblock location.

(Above excerpt from Victory at Mortain by Mark J. Reardon, an excellent book on the battle.  Mr. Neidhardt was with the 120th, Co. F, 3rd Platoon, 3rd Squad.)


Neidhardt, Mortain, Aug. 7th....German Column overruns position of 3rd Squad, 3rd Platoon.  (This video clip is a Flash file and should start right up.  Please adjust sound if necessary.)


Neidhardt, Mortain, Aug. 7th....3rd Squad attacked by British Typhoons and German tanks.  This video clip is a Flash file also and should start right up.  This story is also retold in Saving the Breakout on pages 111-112.
Mr. Neidhardt is also quoted in this same book on pages; 44, 45, 61, 64, and 222.


Neidhardt, Siegfried Line, Oct. 8th....Flash video clip of Co. F's attack into the Siegfried Line and Mr. Neidhardt's eventual WIA.