1st Lt. Donald C. Mills
230th Field Artillery
Battery B

(Special thanks to Greg Acken for sharing his photos for all to enjoy)

Winner of the Distinguished Service Cross
for action Nov. 23rd, 1944 in Lohn, Germany

Photo of Lt. Mills and Mike Owens of the Old Hickory Association (OHA) at the 30th IDA reunion in Fayetteville, NC.  The Iron Cross around Lt. Mills neck was given to him by a soldier in his platoon.  He was wearing it in memory of him.  Quote Mr. Owens, "Don was one Hell of a Guy".  (click on photo to enlarge)

Early Photos

2nd Lt., 1943

The 230th was located at Langendorf, Germany in December, 1944 (map above).  After a rest in Belgium the 230th returned to Langendorf on the 11th of December, ready for a long rest and the celebration of Christmas.  That was not to be!! Below a photo of Cpl. Clark A. Gilbert Bat. A and a Lt. Mockenin at Langendorf just before the Bulge.

Capt. Andrew T. Pucalik, HQ of McKeesport, PA and Capt. Edward J. McArdle Btry A, New York (Queens) at Langendorf Dec/44 before our trip to the Bulge.

Malmedy Photos
Battle of the Bulge

Click on map for approximate location of the four 230th Batteries...A,B,C,D.




Major Clements, HQ staff, Savannah, GA at Bernister, Belgium just north of Malmedy.  See Bernister on map above near Battery A.

Ferme Libert ("Liberty Farm"), Bernister, Belgium.  Lt. Mills had his headquarters in this farm house.  It is now a Hotel/Restaurant specializing in venison, which is raised right there on the farm.  The daughter of the original owner still operates this facility.  Maybe someone can locate on map or take a Now photo.

Capt. McArdle with two Belgies near Bernister, north of Malmedy...Dec. 44.

Lt. Anthonio C. Moschetta, Btry. A near Bernister, Belgium north of Malmedy....Dec. 44.

Catholic Chaplin in Bernister. 

Bernister, Belgium....Dec. 44.  Donald's note: "Some snow huh Bud."

Near Bernister and Ferme Libert, Belgium Dec. 44.

Near Bernister...Dec. 44.

Ralph C. Finn, HQ, Northampston, MA; Richard H. Kissel, Btry B, Huntingdon, TN; Maxwell R. Puttlitz, Btry B, Charlotte, NC; James M. Reardon, Brty B, Effingham, IL; Norman J. Winkler, Brty B, E. Boston, MA at Malmedy, Jan. 45.

Kath Thomas and Family, Malmedy. Norman S. Locke, Btry A, Louisville, KY

On January 14th positions near Geromont were surveyed in.  The 120th had advanced and had cleared the ridge on which the notorious Five Points, a major crossroads, was situated.  On the edge of a field stood a simple sign, "Off Limits". Under the soft mantle of snow lay the bodies of American Soldiers. (230th History Book)

Lt. Mills at Geromont, Belgium, Jan. 45. Locke at Geromont.

Frank P. Lewis, HQ, Capt. Bouchlas' Liason at Geromont.

Robert L. McClanahan, Btry A, Clinton, NC at Geromont...Jan. 45.

Locke at Geromont. John W. Waggoner, Btry A, Rusk, TX; Bill J. Ferriter, Btry A, Springfield, MA.

Capt. Michael S. Bouchlas, Btry C, Tarpon Springs, FL; McClanahan; Lock; Capt. Merrill S. Alexander, Btry B, High Springs, FL.

On January 17th we displaced to Ligneuville, site of a vital bridge-crossing.  The battalion CP, in a Butcher Shop, was set up within "spitting distance" of the bridge and of a crossroad nearby.

McClanahan & Mills at Ligneuville.

Daniel C. Garrott, Btry B, Mayfield, KY; George W. Hill, Jr., Btry B, Gardner, MA; Glenn A. Louis, Btry B, Chicago, IL.

Just before the Rhine River Crossing the 230th was displaced in Rhineberg, Germany.  (See Map Below)

AT RHINEBERG, GERMANY just before Rhine Crossing

Fred Guimond, Btry B, Norwich, CN; William G. Mobley, Btry B, Savannah, GA; Paul C. Roe, Btry B, Crestline, OH at Rhineberg, Germany...just before Rhine River crossing...late March.

Mobley Roe Guimond & Roe Roe

Roe & Smith Mobley & Glen Merchant, Btry B, Plana, IL

Guimond Merchant; Vernon Sidenbender, Btry B, Evansville, IL;
                                            William Blocker, Brty B, Columbia, TN; Francis Berwanger, Btry B, Chicago, IL

Merchant Sgt. Eugene Gavin, Btry B, Savannah, GA Berwanger

Guimond, Blocker, Sidenbender James Reardon, Btry B, Effingham, IL & Gavin

Joseph Cimabrone, Btry B, Brooklyn & Reardon Guimond & Roe

Guimond Roe & Merchant Reardon & Guimond

Richard Kissell, Btry B, Huntingdon, TN & Guimond

Purple Heart Corner (Hot Box Corner)
March 26th & 27th
Map, Story and Photos below:

(Purple Heart Corner-Yellow Circle Highlight)

Story from the 120th History Book:

Louis A. Cesario, Btry B, Chicago; D. Mills; Joseph 'Butterball' A. Melchiore, Btry B, Philly, PA

"Big Gun at PH Corner Charles B. Tarrant, Btry B, Chicago on GUN

Glenn A. Louis, Btry B, Chicago

Morris W. Trammell, Btry B, Lexington, KY; Louis; Joseph Pekar, Btry B, Scranton, PA

Melchiore, Louis, Pekar, Tarrant

Buford 'Grumpy' Trantham, Btry B, Canton, NC; Melchiore; Pekar

William B. Mobley, BB, Savannah GA; Melchiore; Max A. Hunt, BB, Portland, MI; Thomas J. Stringfellow, Jr., BB, Philadelphia, PA.

Back-Seabron J. Griffith, BB, Savannah, GA; Stringfellow; Richard H. Kissel, BB, Huntingdon, TN; Lloyd C. Texel, BB Marathon, WI; Front- Melchiore; Robert J. Garon, BB, Menominee, MI

Texel; Louis; Anthony F. Flis, BB, Chicago; Fred W. Hardee, BB, Savannah, GA; Boleslaw E. Nowak, BB, Toledo, OH; in back-Donald L. Millerin, BB, Joliet, IL

Back-Millerin; James R. Gratto, BB Vassalboro, ME; Hardee; Melchiore; Front-??; Stringfellow; Flis

Back-Melchiore; Glenn R. Strandberg, BB, Galva, IA; Stringfellow; Flis; Millerin; Front-Texel; Romeo Doyon, BB Augusta, ME; Nowak; Edward G. Ciucevich, BB, Savannah, GA

Grohnde, Germany
South of Hamelin, April 6th-9th

John T. Clark, Jr., BB, Lancaster, SC; Gratto

Texel; Vernon V. Sidenbender, Jr., BB Evansville, IN; Fred M. Hardee, BB, Savannah, GA; Samuel A. Fidell, BB, New Castle, PA

Louis Glen Flis Texel Harry Cannon, Aqua, TN

Leo Calderon, BB, Chicago...with the Baker 8 bucket.

Fidell; Eugene A.Gavin, BB, Savannah, GA; Glen M. Merchant, BB, Plana, IL

Cannon; Norman M. Tester, BB, Rominger, NC; Doyon

Elmer Wiegert, BB, Elwood, IN; Trammell; Alfred O. Guimond, in window, BB, KIA, Norwich, CN

Trammell Henry T. Michaelsen, BB, Astoria, NY; Michael J. F. Treacy, BB, Corona NY; Ciucevich; Calderon; Guimond; Garon; Buford C. Trantham, BB, Canton, NC

Back-Fred F. Mitchell, BB, Dallas, TX; Gavin; Clarence F. Goebel, BB, Royal, NE; Millerin; Front-Ciucevich; Thomas J. Heslip, BB, Ardmore, PA; Ernest P. Danzero, BB, Joliet, IL; Clarence W. Sterner, BB, Jonestown, PA

Front- Mills; Louis; Guimond Back-Ciucevich; Calderon; Wiegert; Garon; Trantham

Salzhemmendorf, Germany
April, 1945

Lt. Donald Mills Fred Guimond, Mill's GOOD BUDDY!!! This photo was taken    April 9th...on April 15th, Fred Guimond was killed by Jerry fighters strafing and dropping antipersonal bombs at Barleban, Germany.

Ciucevich Osborne E. Brown, BB Greer, SC

Norbert W. Marbach, BB, Washington, IA; Calderon; Guimond

Marbach; Calderon; Ciucevich

Barleben, Germany
April/May 1945

Dan C. Garrott, BB, Mayfield, KY; Calderon; Louis

William A. Rainbolt, BB, Kingsville, TN; Garrott; Calderon

Back-Maxwell R. Puttlitz, BB, Long Island; Garon  Front- Ciucevich; Calderon; Sasser; Griffith

Samuel A. Fidell, BB, New Castle, PA; Stringfellow; Pekar; Robert B. Lape, BB, Rochester, NY

Edward J. Vitigoj, BB, Cleveland, OH; Trammell; Garon; Rainbolt; Pekar

Sasser; Albert J. Kopaska, BB, Guthrie Center, IA; Norman J. Winkler, BB, Mackinaw, IL

Fidell; Flis Ciucevich; Griffith Calderon

Back-Garon; Louis; Merchant  Front-Ciucevich; Donovan; Griffith

Back-Ciucevich; Calderon; Griffith  Front-Rainbolt; Louis A. Cesario, BB, Chicago, IL

John J. McShane, Jr., BB, Philadelphia; Gratto; Sasser; Merchant; Kissel; Garrett

George A. Schmidt, BB, Columbus, OH; Marbach; Gagnon; Hugh R. Shelton, BB, Clarksville, TN; Leo R. Provencher, BB, Auburn, ME; Glenn Maples, BB, Walland, TN; James E. Moore, BB, Fayetteville, TN; John T. Clarke, Jr., BB, Lancaster, SC

William V. Blocker, BB, Columbia, TN; ??? Calderon


Various photos with unknown dates/places

Louis; Zeilstra; Griffith Robert L. Bringle, BB, Beaufort, SC at Gross Rosenberg

Ward; Mills;Gratto; ??; Bringle; Sasser; Garon; Roe; Brown; Rainbolt; ??; Calderon; Merchant

Lt. Gene A. Barthelme, Brty C, St. Marie, IL; Lt. James R. Vereen, Btry C, Perry, FL

???? Zeilstra Bledsoe; Finn; Cornell; Blocker; Grey; Russ Beard

Sgt. Brown; Danzero; Lampe; Moore; Desposito; Stringfellow; Pekar; Hardy; Fidell; Dallas; Burwanger; Hull; Nixon; Provencher; back of Desposito

Lt. Donald Mills..end of war...on back of photo; "I sorta aged a bit don't you think?"

Lt. Donald Mills...taken at Hohenwarte, Germany..June 24th, 1945