Sgt. Charles E. Hall
117th, Co. L

At Ft. Jackson

 Just after arriving at Ft. Jackson

  117th Breakers, Ft. Benning...Charles Hall upper right hand corner in front of #77.

Sgt. Hall in hospital in England Christmas 1944.  First photo first man standing and was not in next photo.  He spent 4 months in the hospital, desperate to get back to his company.

Sgt. Hall went through Ranger training...He and Lt. Daughtry of Co. L were selected for the training.  See two letters he wrote home about the experience:

Letter after first day.

Letter trying to explain to his wife what Ranger training is all about.  His daughter, Martha Broyles, ask we excuse his spelling. 

Mr. & Mrs. (Jane) Charles Hall 

Front Back

  Letters home.

                                National Guard cards.

After the war.   1950....Charles Hall 2nd row...first man on right.

Charles E. Hall