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"First Action"
June 15th through July 7th

      General Area maps of first weeks of 30th action.

Isigny, France..June 1944 looking south.

Middle foreground site of 30th Division CP south of Isigny.

Montmartin-en-Grainges...June 15/16, 1944...120th Infantry Division attack to the Vire Canal. PDF file.

Overlay to that accompanies above Montmartin-en-Grainges After Action Report.

The "First Action" of the Division was mainly the 120th IR...the first ashore.  The 117th was assigned a position along the railroad tracks east of the Vire River and north of Airel.  For two weeks the 117th was engaged in extremely vigorous reconnaissance and combat patroling.  119th was also east of the Vire but closer than the 117th.  The 117th was in Divisional Reserve. 

  120th Normandy map from 120th history book. Additional Map.

Additional detailed map of area south of Vire Canal.

Airel, France..June 1944...in ruins by division artillery and bombers.

Additional overlay from National Archives of the Normandy area.

Short AAR on the battle for the Vire Canal.

After Action report of the 120th Inf. Reg. for June '44.  PDF File

"Stout Hearts of the Hundred and Twentieth"  List and description by company of men that performed admirably during June.  GREAT Report!!  PDF File

Report on holding the Vire Et Taute Canal.

Series of 120th June patrol maps.

120th Cannon Co. commendation from Col. Birks.