120th Inf. Regiment

Anti-Tank Company

    My name is Jerry Barr and I am proud to say my Father (Thomas W. Barr # 33340433) was in the 120th Infantry 30th Division Anti Tank Company of Old Hickory. He passed away in July of 1983 from hypertension. I have his World War Two collection to go through (Thanks to my Brother who dug out the albums for me). It is incredible the History of Old Hickory during WW2. I have the Christmas Greetings 1943 from Camp Atterbury, Indiana. It looks like everybody signed it. My Father wrote a record next to every name who was okay, wounded, killed, broken thumbs, prisoner, sick, 3 shell shock (the whole company should have had after reading the history), and one AWOL. I will try to scan this historic Christmas Greeting and send it to you. You can put it on the web site with my blessing.
    There are news papers from 1941 to 1945. The Action Anti Tank papers from Camp Blanding 1942 & 1943. His Mom kept every newspaper that mentioned the 120th Infantry 30th Division. We still have the Queen Mary luggage ticket that is still on his duffle bag 8/17/1945 arriving 9/21/1945 in USA.
    Once a year on Thanksgiving our Dad would bring out the German Flag that was hanging outside a building in Berlin. You can imagine how big it is. Inside the flag was the Italian automatic (looks like a army 45 but smaller) our Father slept with locked and loaded in hand in his sleeping bag. As he told us, if you weren't speaking English when you woke him, you were shot dead.


  Names incorrect...Thomas left/Mike right.





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Thomas in boot camp: