30th Division

Roer River Crossing
Feb. '45.

30th Infantry Division


Pont Hebert
July 26th, '44









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Good Morning,
My name is Volker Dederichs and I live in Würselen !
I am in contact with the descendants of PFC Allison R. Jackson,
and I have his last way reconstructed in Würselen.

In Würselen - Teuterhof is a memorial cross for all the soldiers who have fallen in Würselen !

There is next to a German soldier, PFC Allison Jackson to see !

He stands there deputy for the American dead !

Enclosed images and the German newspaper article.

Many greetings


Mr. Watson,

My name is Adam Winegardner.  My grandfather was Jack H. Geisel and served in the 30th Division, 120th Regiment, Co. D in World War II.  He was a true patriot and a great man.  Jack was a replacement and got to France sometime in August.  He passed away almost three years ago and I am doing some research for myself and my family about his service.  He didn't talk to us much about his experiences.  I have just accomplished having his name added to the roster of the 30th Division

I have attached his DD 214.  As you may notice, he was not credited with having participated in the Battle of the Ardennes (Battle of the Bulge).  This is because he was in a hospital (in Paris I think) at the time recovering from a bad case of psoriasis.  He was born with that skin disease and it is known to flare up when under stress.  He said his skin was raw from head to toe before he asked to get it checked out.  He did not return until after that battle was over.  I'm not sure exactly whe

I know that years ago, some of his buddies from the army stopped to see him,sent letters/Christmas cards, and called him different times after the war, but at the time I asked him about them, he couldn't remember any names.  He could however, remember his serial number.  He said they asked you for it everywhere you went. 
He told me some stories about his time during the war. 
-He told of the night before/during the crossing of the Rhine River, that he could read a letter he received from his mother from the light of all the artillery shells being fired on the enemy before the crossing.
-When he received cigarettes in his rations, he traded them for candy because he didn't smoke.
-He ate his thanksgiving dinner that was brought up from the rear on a roof shingle because he no longer had his mess kit. (I'm not sure what happened to it.)
-He lost his toothbrush at some point and found another in a barnyard.  Boiled it and used it until he got a new one.
-Said they took their first showers in a month in a coal mining town.  The showers were at the coal mine and were for use of the coal miners but they got to use them.  He couldn't remember what town it was, but thought maybe it was Spekholzerheide, Holland.
-Once they entered Germany they often found potatoes in rooms in the middle of the house.  They would fry them and eat them.  They also used the tablecloths for sheets.-They were being shelled (not sure when or where) but while he was digging a foxhole, he took off his long sleeved shirt because it was warm and threw it over a fence.  When he went to get it back, it was rolled up in a ball with a large piece of shrapnel in the middle that burnt holes in it.  He carried around that piece of shrapnel for a while then threw it out.
-Almost everyone got seasick on the way over to England and it took at least ten days because they went down towards South Africa to avoid U-boats.  On the way back, however, he did not get seasick because he was so happy to be going home.
-He also mentioned being strafed and shelled sometimes by their own planes and artillery

It wasn't until after he died that I found the pictures I have attached to this e-mail.  I never got to ask him who is in the pictures with him.  I have also attached his obituary. If there is any way to put them on the website to ask if anyone knows who they are, I would like very much to do that.  If not, it is no problem.
Thank you so much for all you do.



Great Blog on action in Bulge around Malmedy

In French but I used a online translator and worked fine!!!




Liberation of Valkenburg website:



Added a personal story of German lady living in Spellen

during the 30th's, (117th) crossing of the Rhine:

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New 30th Division Personal History BOOK!!!!

120th Regiment


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A must read: From Holland to the Rhine: A World War II Account

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Complete minutes from the 119th CO. G

Reunions from 1968 to 2007...bottom of Reports Page 17.

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Unbelievable addition of Van Heely photo collection...I'm continually amazed.

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117th Co. K soldier identified...Richard Cree

Looking for any information of Pvt. James H. Young, 117th Inf. Reg. Co. A !!!!

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Herbert Henry Miller was in the 30th Infantry Division, 120 Regiment, Company H.



A MUST HAVE BOOK detailing the 30th's battle movements and action in and around Stoumont and LaGleize!!!!!!!
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Hello, I wrote to you before in regards to my father Harold Skokandich, 120th regiment of 30th Div. Mr. Skodandich was wounded in the crossing of the Roer River.  I would like to post some information to see if anyone served with him and has any information they would like to share .  Thank you for your help on this matter. Sincerely:       Kathy Paletta,  6902 Durham Avenue, North Bergen, NJ 07047
Please contact Kathy if you have any information.



Tremendous Christmas story:  http://www.army.mil/article/71287/


Looking for any information about Pfc. Albert P. Lavorin....743rd Co. A:

Albert P. Lavorin holding the flag  Norman E Wilson in front to the flag and Albert P. Lavorin holding the flag on the right


743rd company A tank battalion. 
Albert P. Lavorin is 2nd from left in second row, Pfc. Lavorin was KIA Nov. 1st, 1944.


Wonderful aerial photo of Alsdorf area November 18th, 1944 from Hans Hasenjager

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THE RAF at Mortain provided by Robert Peters..117th IR.

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July 9th, '44 near St. Fromond, German Mark IVs stopped by 117th troops. The body of a victim of Nazi atrocity killings carried to common grave in Stavelot.  Dec. 30, '44. Nazi soldiers 'help' check for mines near Haulthausen on March 25 Liberation of Noorbeek, Holland   September 12th, 1944

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